Express Yourself to Succeed in Social Media

I was a recent podcast guest on the Entrepreneurs Northwest with host Michael Surkan. During my time on the air with Michael, we discussed ways to put yourself “out there” in social media and turn yourself into a success. It’s not always as easy to do as most of you would think – or as so-called “experts” would have you believe.

Becoming successful on social media streams and gaining a lot of followers requires some effort on your part. Your content has to be solid. It cannot be bland or generic. You have to put your personality behind it. Don’t simply Tweet a link to a hot news story. Tell us why YOU feel it’s hot. Put your own spin and perspective on it.

The fastest way to gain more followers is to get out there and follow others. Engage them in conversations. Jump into whatever it is they are discussing with their network. Give your own opinions and perspectives and let the true “you” shine through.

The art of marketing through social media is a messy and disturbing one at times. However, with a willingness to lay yourself on the line by actually talking to people can lead to success beyond your wildest dreams.

Thanks, Michael, for having me as a guest on your show.