Bit.Ly Bundles Allows You To Share Multiple Links

The easier it is to share a link, the more likely you will be to do so. URL shorteners such as Bit.Ly have made it easy to share your favorite photos and stories on places such as Twitter, where your space is limited. However, there’s never really been an easy way to share multiple links at once – until now. Bundles can be easily shared with a short link on your favorite sites like twitter and facebook. bundles are collections of links you can add, remove and rearrange. They will show you previews of link content in a bundle, so you can see site content before clicking through to the source. Once your bundle is created, you can customize it by adding annotations. Hover over a title or description to edit it inline. Rearrange the links until they are in an order you are happy with, and then share the entire collection on Facebook or Twitter by posting just one small URL.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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