Pick Your Way to Stardom with Magic Fiddle for the iPad

The brand-new Magic Fiddle iPad app from Smule is going to make your fingers want to fly. You’ll be able to quickly pick up and play songs simply by following colored lights in the Songbook. You don’t need to have any previous musical training to learn how to pick like a pro.

You’ll learn all of the best string skills, such as how to bow, pluck, trill, vibrato and glissandi right on your iPad. Your fiddle takes you on a fun learning adventure with your Storybook. The book is an 8-chapter journey which teaches you different tricks and techniques. You’ll find full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way.

Once you feel you’ve mastered a skill or song, you can show off your talents by competing for the high score on the global leaderboards. Play to your heart’s content to earn scores and medals for each song. Your best performances combine to give you your global high score.

You can easily share your favorite performances, listen to what others have come up with and even “like” their creations on the Smule social board. Meet people from all over the world who are interested in music as much as you are.

What other social music apps are you a fan of?