Is Social Media Making You Lazy?

Twitter is making us lazy. I counted at least ten different Tweets this evening where people asked their followers to answer a question that they could easily have looked up themselves. In the time it takes to Tweet something out and wait for replies, we could have found the answer on Google. One example would be someone asking what specific side effects a particular medication may have. The trouble with this is not only that it makes us lazier, it can also be dangerous. What if you ask something important – such as “do these two drugs interact badly with each other?” – and your faithful followers assure you that it’s okay. You could end up dead if they don’t know for sure what they’re talking about.

In my opinion, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are great places to ask for opinions and recommendations. We need to remember, though, that they may not always be the best method of finding out important information that could affect our health and our lives. Not everyone who follows you is a trained medical professional – but they may just be trying to play one online.

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