What's the Best iPhone 4 Screen Protector?

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Someone sent me an email recently to ask what screen protector I recommend for the iPhone 4. Up until now, I really didn’t HAVE a recommendation because most of the ones I’ve tried suck. However, the SGP STEINHEIL Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector sent to me recently is by far the best I’ve tried.

I do love matte screen protectors. I cannot stand glare of any kind coming off of my phone. Not only is this particular protection full of matte win, it also does a fantastic job of keeping fingerprints and other disgusting stuff off of my screen. I placed one of these on the back of the phone as well, to cut down on debris there.

An excellent point to make about the SGP is that it absorbs oil from your fingers and face… including the make-up oil from you women. Think about the last bad screen protector you used – how impossible was it to wipe off the human oils that naturally deposit themselves on your device as you use it? This in and of itself puts this little baby heads and shoulders above the competition.

What screen protector do you use?

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