Alcohol is the Most Dangerous Drug

The alcohol you thought was so harmless is actually far worse than Ecstasy or Heroin. A new study published today makes this nearly impossible-sounding accusation. It’s not as insane as it sounds, though, folks. Alcohol is definitely the most “popular” drug – and the researchers took into account the total harm different drugs can due to individuals and society as a whole.

After reading several different takes on this research, I have come to a few conclusions of my own. The study clearly shows that alcohol has more profound effects on society as a whole, yes. However, does that mean I should put down my glass of wine in the evening and light a crack pipe instead? Of course it doesn’t, and to think otherwise is simply ludicrous. The people behind this study looked at things such as drunk-driving accidents, rehabilitation stays and even jail time. They focused mainly on the impact each of the twenty drugs had on society.

Using shock headlines (such as the one on this post) is common practice. Let’s not give a complete picture so that people will want to read more. I can pretty much guarantee that you were intrigued or angered by this headline. You wanted to argue, so you clicked the link. This study is written up in much the same way. Instead of spelling out where the issues really lie, they made it seem as though drinking a beer or taking a shot is going to do your body and mind much more harm than snorting cocaine would. That’s not the truth as you and I know it.

Another thing to consider is the fact that most people consider alcohol to be “safe.” Since it is legal and easy to obtain, it cannot possibly be dangerous, right? “It’s generally recognized that two drinks a day for men and one for women can be considered safe, with exceptions such as people with depression or anxiety, those with alcohol dependence and pregnant women.” If you think that alcohol is not dangerous to yourself and those around you, then you likely need to step away from the proverbial crack pipe.

Should I put away the glass of wine I intended to have this evening with dinner and instead snort a few lines of coke? I’m fairly certain that the two don’t begin to compare as far as my own health is concerned. I get the point of the study – alcohol is the worst of the group as far as its total impact on all of society. When it comes to individuals, though, I’ll continue to have the occasional drink.