Do You Prefer Matte or Glossy Screens?

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I prefer matte screens, largely to cut down on glare. I hate having to position my screen so that I can actually see it. In relation to touch – I cannot stand fingerprints. I use a screen protector that helps to eliminate both of these problems.

When I bought the MacBook Pro (courtesy of PC Pitstop), I chose to go with a glossy finish since I don’t touch the screen on it. However, I get tired of having to move the screen around to get a “good” viewing angle that cuts out glare and reflection of my surroundings.

For my iPhone and other touch devices, I always use a matte finish or screen protector. As I said, it cuts way down on debris, dust and fingerprints. It also eliminates the glare problem nearly completely… at least, a GOOD screen protector should do that. If it doesn’t, it comes off of my device and I get something that works.

What type of finish do you prefer on your screens – and why?

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