What Do You Think About TweetDeck?

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One person who called the live stream recently wanted to know my thoughts on the TweetDeck application. It’s good enough, I suppose. I happen to feel it’s too cluttered, and doesn’t have a good user experience overall.

It is running on the Adobe Air platform. One of my largest frustrations with Adobe Air is that I cannot scroll sideways. There are so many columns in TweetDeck that you really need to be able to do this. Who actually clicks on a scroll bar to scroll around? No one does, that’s who! I want to be able to scroll in whatever direction I need. If an application doesn’t support this, it’s a giant step backwards.

If I navigate through my various Twitter accounts, I tend to use CoTweet at this point in time. I’ve yet to see a client that handles Twitter seamlessly and provides all of the functionality that I would hope for.

What are your thoughts?

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