Jailbreaking Thoughts

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During live calls recently, Oscar wanted to know my thoughts on jailbreaking now that the courts have decided that it’s legal. It’s not that I dislike jailbreaking in the past. I didn’t find it compelling. I love my iPhone because it comes with a total package – the hardware, software and user experience are all excellent. Sure, I’m not happy with AT&T much of the time, but why would I want to take a chance of messing up my phone for that reason alone?

I was at a local tweetup recently, and someone went on and on about their jailbroken phone. He showed me a couple of neat things he could do with his iPhone that I cannot. However, as he’s showing me what it can do, the phone began rebooting. Yeah – I don’t want to do that to my phone.

If someone wants to jailbreak their phone, go for it. I don’t plan to do so with my phone. I actually think Google should work to develop a version of Android specifically for the iPhone, since so many people want to jailbreak them.

I doubt I will ever jailbreak my iDevices.

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