President Obama Wants you to Play Nice on Twitter

During a live event on MTV, CMT and BET earlier today, President Obama cautioned us to behave ourselves when online. The President condemned the practice of bullying in general, cyber- or otherwise: “We have zero tolerance when it comes to sexual harassment, we have zero tolerance when it comes to harassment over a person’s sexual orientation, because of their race, their ethnicity.”

Obama hesitated to delve too deeply into the realm of online monitoring. “It is a challenging thing, because part of the power of the Internet is that information flows out there, and it’s generally not censored or controlled by any single authority.” There have been a lot of challenges made to the First Amendment as it applies to content on the Internet. Most rulings have been in favor of e-speech.

What do you think of the President’s stance against online harassment? Does he need to step up to the plate a bit harder, or is he right on the money?

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