Facebook Community Zeitgeist App

I don’t want to keep sitting on this idea, and I’m looking for others to help make it happen – skilled others, mind you. Like, people who can develop Facebook apps and design ’em well enough so as not to require the user to read an instruction manual.

I’m sure that by posting this idea, someone might come along and take it without involving me or giving credit for the inspiration point. That’s the risk I’m taking. If I can find a project lead and development wonks, I say we divvy profits evenly.

So, why not hire some random person or group to do this outright, instead? Because I’m looking to try something different, and I know that when everybody’s skin is in the game, the idea has a greater chance of succeeding initially and on an ongoing basis. That, and it’s far easier to bootstrap with qualified individuals than it is to personally bankroll a project in the hands of people who don’t care whether or not a product works.

The idea is rather long overdue, in my estimation – and I need it for my own Facebook Community Page.


  • To introduce game mechanics to Facebook Community / Fan / Public Figure pages
  • To better gauge and engage a community’s most active supporters
  • To offer app to all active Facebook communities


  • Two Column Structure
  • Topmost Left Block: Big Fat Like Button, Introduction, Donation
  • Topmost Right Block: for Sponsor or Promotion

Data Blocks:

  • Latest Wall Posts [with Like, Permalink]
  • Latest Comments [with Like, Permalink]
  • Top n Commenters Today, This Week, This Month, This Year [with Counts]
  • Top n Commented Wall Posts Today, This Week, This Month [with Counts]
  • Top n Liked Wall Posts Today, This Week, This Month [with Counts]
  • Top n Donators Today, This Week, This Month, This Year
  • Latest Page, Community Videos
  • Latest Page, Community Photos
  • Most Active Friends Who Like This Page
  • n Embeddable Media (like for YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • n RSS Feed Blocks
  • Other surfaced statistics?


  • Drag & Drop Modular Blocks
  • Statistics Tracking
  • Visibility Toggle
  • Frontend and/or backend?

Sponsor Block:

  • Headline, Field for Graphic, Field for URL
  • Like Sponsor Button
  • Facilitate calendar purchasing [via PayPal]
  • Admin sets price, duration
  • Purchaser gets emailed daily stats of impressions, upsell to renew
  • Randomized Backfill

Footer Block:

  • “Want Your Own Community Zeitgeist? Get it here!”
  • Made by “Us” [Like & Link to Respective Pages]
  • Donations Appreciated [Sliding Scale?]
  • Recent App Donations of $100+ rotate through all app deployments


  • Users get notified for Achievement(s), prompted to Brag about Achievement
  • Where is the app hosted?
  • Is there a way to best measure acceleration in engagement before and after app’s deployment?

I’d start with basic functionality over a weekend’s time, and then take it from there? “But so-and-so is already doing something like this!” If they are, they suck – or I’d be using it already. 😉

Okay, so if you’re at all interested (and serious) in helping develop this sucker, you have to let me know sooner rather than later. I’m actively seeking a partner. Just email [email protected] with your position and/or proposal on the proposed app and business structure.

First come, first serve.