My Star Wars Stuffed Animals From Build-a-Bear

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If you do not join the fuzzy side of the Force, I will never stop using this bad accent. I couldn’t help but build some Star Wars bears at Build-a-Bear recently. These things are actually seriously cool. I actually built several different bears. They’re just so freaking awesome. We didn’t have this kind of thing when I was growing up. I was just preparing for the day when I have kids – really.

With Build-a-Bear, you can choose which animal you want to stuff along with any one of a bajillion accessories. You can even put little sound effects chips into the paws. My Vader bear has the breathing sound in his! One of the others has the Star Wars theme playing.

I have Obi “Owl” Kenobi. Isn’t he the most badass stuffed animal you’ve ever seen? Seriously, folks. How can you not love that? I also built a C3PO “bear,” and a general Star Wars fan bear. It’s less than a bear and more of a dog… complete with Star Wars pajamas. I also built a stuffed monkey Anakin.

On another shelf, we have Hans Solo and Princess Leia. The blue Hans Solo is actually a special edition Star Wars bear, built especially for this purpose. He even has a little blaster in his paw.

Again, you can mix and match if you want. There is no limit to what you can create at Build-a-Bear other than your imagination.

I’m working hard to build the world’s most Geeky library. I don’t want it to only be books and boring stuff in there! What other stuff should I add?

One of these bears could be yours. Which one would you want? I’m going to pick someone at random from the comment threads, and they will win the bear of their choice! You don’t have to do anything other than tell me which of these bears you like the most and want to have.

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