How to Fix iPhone 4 Antenna Problems

How to Fix iPhone 4 Antenna Problems

Pixie’s still wearing her “cone of shame” today, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to see if she could boost my iPhone 4 antenna signal. Indeed, I’m now getting 5 bars where I usually only get 1!

All kidding aside, the antenna issue is a real doozy. All over the Internet, you’ll find stories of people who are losing signal and calls when holding the iPhone 4 in certain ways. While I have yet to experience this phenomena myself, I have no doubt of its validity. Hundreds of people – independent of each other – have thoroughly tested this device. The problem has been replicated over and over. What remains to be seen is what Apple intends to do about it.

What would you do if faced with this issue concerning a device you recently bought? Would you feel it’s a huge problem and demand your money back? Or are you more likely the type of person who finds a way to correct the trouble and continue on with your life? Duct tape may not be the correct answer, but there is one out there. You can buy a case for your phone – BAM! Problem solved. How many of you plan to run around with nothing covering/protecting that beautiful glass back, anyway? I have a feeling the vast majority of you will be using a case. Why, then, is it such an issue if something *might* happen to your phone’s signal when not using the case?

I’m definitely not making light of the issue. Apple messed up. I’m not debating that fact. The important thing is how they handle it. With their offering of Bumpers, I feel that the Cupertino company has more than redeemed themselves.

What are your thoughts? If a company such as Apple releases a product with real issues – large or small – easily corrected or not – should they recall the devices? Should they offer up other solutions, such as Apple has done with the Bumper?

This is a hot topic right now – online and off. It will be interesting to see how this plays out… not only in the press and blogs but also the stock market. Could something such as antenna issues cut off a company at the knees?