BrickCon is for Adult Fans of LEGO

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So, what exactly is BrickCon, and why are adults obsessed with LEGO? Well, I can answer at least one of those questions for you today – with Dan Sabath.

More than 10,000 people were in attendance during the event this past weekend. This was the 8th year for the conference, which has grown exponentially since the beginning.

Dan has many tips for would-be AFOLs. Look at the shape of the bricks. Give good consideration to color and theming. Don’t stick to kits and sets… you want to let your imagination soar. You can build it if you can dream it.

Within five minutes of the doors opening, the place was completely flooded. On the conference floor, there were several different areas. There were sections for Steampunk, castles, trains, robotics and so much more.

Most things built by AFOLs are scaled to minifig size, which is what I’m a fan of. I happen to collect minifigures, as you already know. Building to this specification is where my particular LEGO passion lies.

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