LEGO Inception

LEGO Inception

Here’s my synopsis of the movie, Inception:

  1. You’re dreaming.
  2. No, you’re not – this is real.
  3. No, this is a real dream.
    No, the dream is real.

  4. No, you’re dreaming that the dream is real.
  5. No, the movie reel is showing you that the dream is real.
  6. No, the movie is a dream.
  7. No, you’re dreaming of the movie.
  8. No, you’re really dreaming of the dream of a movie.
  9. No, you’re really not dreaming of the dream.

The end.

Oh, and the scene from above was discovered at this year’s BrickCon. Were you there? No, you were just DREAMING of being there. Fail!