The Best Antivirus Security Software

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During live calls recently, one person asked my opinion on the best anti-virus program to use. I always defer this question to my assistant, Kat. She is a five-year Microsoft MVP in Consumer Security.

Kat said that if you are looking for a good, free anti-virus program, you want to choose either Avast or Avira (which also works on Linux!). Another excellent free option is Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you are willing to pay for your security, your best option is the Eset Security Suite. Several of the others as quite good, as well. It mostly boils down to personal preference, but Kat says she has never once been steered wrong (or been unhappy) with Eset.

Our new 100 Windows Security Tips eBook (which Kat helped write) is available right now. It is filled with some excellent tips, tricks and advice to keep your computer safe. You’ll also find several special deals and discounts on popular security software.

If you want some further security recommendations, you can visit her blog post about the subject.

What security software do you use?

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