CamHelium Home Office Tour

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I’m not sure why so many of you demand that I create a home office tour video. I’ve done several of them in past years. Nothing has really changed. I have a lot of crap. I’ll have the same crap next year.

Since I knew I had to give in and show off the office to keep you happy, I thought it would be fun to record the video using my iPhone and the new CamHelium app. This 99-cent app puts a helium balloon inside of your iPhone. It gives your voice that lovely balloon-y sound effect we all know and love. Tap the button to start and stop recording… and you’re done. There’s nothing fancy or tricky about the application.

Record video messages for friends, children, family and even your boss. Share your creations immediately via email, Facebook, YouTube or MMS. Sit back and enjoy the laughter that will soon follow.

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