Are You Gearing Up for the Holidays Already?

Holy heck! Is it already that time of year? Is Fall really officially here? How the hell did that happen? I was just browsing through questions on Lockergnome, and noticed a thread talking about Halloween Costumes. It’s ONLY September 23rd! Do we need to worry already? Great. I have no idea how to dress Wicket and Pixie this year. I need some suggestions, y’all.

It shocks me to find Christmas displays in the store earlier every year. I’m telling you… this year we’ll start seeing plastic Santas and gift wrap before Halloween ever gets here. It’s insanity! We as consumers are being pushed to spend, spend spend more and more – while fighting the fact that we don’t have as much to part with.

Do you start planning for the holidays this early, or are you one of those who tend to go a little crazy when you see witch costumes on shelves when we finish the 4th of July?

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