Do you Need a Land Line?

Craighton is a rather active member of our community. He volunteered at Gnomedex, and has performed a countless number of small tasks whenever my assistant Kat needs help. He raised a good question on Lockergnome earlier… asking whether we truly need a land-line phone or not.

Many people are reminding the young grasshopper that a land-line phone is the easiest way for emergency services to locate you. There are also other obvious advantages, including not having to deal with dropped calls. A hard-wired phone still works even if you don’t live near a tower of some sort. Should your beloved cell die run out of juice, you can always pick up that old cordless (or corded!) phone and dial up a friend. I know, I know… who calls anyone anymore?

Something else to think about… there are actually some places left on Earth which do not accept calls from cellular devices. When is the last time you were able to accept a collect call on your iPhone or Droid? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is a resounding “never.”

Do you still have a regular old telephone line? Do you think you’ll ever get rid of it?