LEGO Space Needle Review

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At 400 Broad Street in Seattle stands the Space Needle. It’s an observation tower built in 1961 for the World’s Fair. I was able to build my LEGO version much faster than the real one was created. This kit is part of the LEGO Architecture Series. This isn’t just some toy… it’s a piece of art. I can shelve it in my home and let people talk about it when they see it. It’s truly well-made and looks great.

The LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle is an inexpensive and simple way to own a piece of Seattle history. The finished product measures a little over 8.7″ tall and 3.1″ wide, so it will fit easily onto a table or shelf. It comes with a book detailing the history and design of the original building, and is only around twenty dollars.

I admit to being a LEGO addict. What things have you built lately?

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