iPod touch Camera vs. iPhone 4 Still Photography

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Yes, I posted the still photos to my Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. last week. You may have seen them already if you were following me off-network. However, this screencast sums up the differences quite nicely, I believe.

The iPod touch’s camera, in a word, sucks.

Video comparison between the two devices is not as much of a dramatic differences as the still images are. Photos taken with the iPhone 4 are very sharp and detailed, even without flash or HDR turned on. The images taken with this phone are simply stunning. Seriously.

Pictures taken with the 4th gen iPod Touch are just… uhm… pictures. The saved resolution is absolute crap. You’d get a better quality image by taking a video and then capturing an image from the video.

There is honestly no comparison to be made. Look at the photos, and judge for yourself.

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