Sync Your Information With Agendus for the iPad

Keeping track of your Calendar, Contacts and Task List can be a nightmare. Too often, there is entirely too much information to plow through and keep up with. The new Agendus app brings it all under control right on your iPad.

All of your Contracts are automagically populated in the app. It accesses the native contacts database and then enhances the built-in iPhone Contacts app. You can even add contacts to certain events within the app to make it easy for you to know at a glance who will be attending what.

Along with this you will find a very full-featured task management solution. This allows you get things done quickly when you’re on the go. There are advanced features built in to the task function, including the ability to set icons for tasks and events, view upcoming birthdays, retrieve your weather forecast and more.

Agendus also has full calendar support. It makes use of over-the-air synchronization with your Google Calendar. Forget having to minimize one thing and open another just to figure out what day it is and where you’re supposed to be. Agendus does it all for you.