Who Received the New Twitter First?

With thousands of people still anxiously awaiting the new Twitter interface, one cannot help but wonder how “the chosen” are actually… well… chosen. What determines which places and people receive new updates first? Are names drawn out of a hat? Does someone throw a dart at a map tacked to the wall? Riley isn’t the only one pondering these questions.

The secret is that there is no secret. Each service and site rolls out their changes in different manners. Some of them choose to enable new features in one country before another. Other places decide that particular persons and entities need to see what’s new before anyone else in order to help build hype. Much of the time, it’s simply the luck of the draw. Servers all have to have updates thrown onto them and whichever server your little chunk of data lies on is the one you’re stuck with. You just have to hope that yours is near the door and not languishing in the back hallway somewhere.

With that said… has the new Twitter goodness made its way onto your browser yet?

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