How to Archive Twitter

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A few weeks ago, I hosted the tenth – and likely final – Gnomedex conference. I was a bit depressed to find that no one had archived the hundreds of tweets that flew around the Internet with the official #gnomedex hashtag. Beth emailed me the other night to tell me that she had, indeed, archived these tweets using a new tool called The Archivist. This application is a powerful and simple way to archive and analyze all of the tweets that matter to you.

This free tool will let you download a .zip archive containing all of the tweets contained in your search. It was interesting to look at the data from the conference. One of the people who tweeted using our hashtag the most happened to be someone who wasn’t even there. He participated live via our embedded stream on the Gnomedex site.

The Archivist not only showed me who tweeted, but also what application they tweeted from. I found out what URLs were included in tweets with the hashtag most often. It’s simple to check your timeline to see how your brand performed over a set time period, which can help you determine if a marketing campaign on a particular day was a success.

This application is brought to you by Microsoft, and costs you nothing other than a few moments of your time. If you’re looking for a way to see what people are saying about you on Twitter, this is the easiest method you’ll find.

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