Does Your Password Suck?

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The New York Times on Sunday stated that a strong password isn’t the strongest security. We should instead be focused on the malware/keyloggers that invade systems and can steal ANY password, weak or strong. Should we continue our focus on “strong” passwords which some jobs make you change every few months, or should our focus be more on computer security, getting to the root of the problem?

If you have malware or keyloggers on your system, your information will be stolen no matter how strong your password. Instead of focusing so much energy on strong passwords, you need to make sure that you protect your entire computer system. That’s what the NY Times article says to us, at least.

Do you pay much attention to password security, or do you focus your energy on overall computer security?

Lamarr wasn’t able to send us a video last week, since he was worn out from traveling. He wanted to make it up to all of you this week by doing a video today and one on Thursday! Now that is dedication, folks. Thanks, Lamarr, for all of your support.

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