What is the Home Page in Your Browser?

One of the most popular questions on Lockergnome asks members what they use for a home page. This thread has been active for a few months now. That itself is impressive: most questions die out after only a few hours. The overwhelming consensus is that people are using Google for their home page. This actually shocked me a bit. Sure, Google is becoming a verb instead of a website. It’s all-powerful in the minds of some people. But is this really what you need to see every single time you fire up a browser page?

I have nothing against the popular search engine. I happen to use it myself! However, I can think of many other sites which should hold that golden place of honor on my desktop. You may argue that you can find everything in an instant with Google. Yup, that’s true! You can click inside the handy little search box most browsers provide to do that search, though. Why would you need it as your home page?

What is the first thing you see when you fire up your browser du jour? What made you choose that particular site?

If I had my way, all of you would set our software site as your home page. You can find all of the apps and software you need there – at the best of prices. Why would you need anything else?