Why Should You Buy an iPod shuffle?

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Why the hell are people still buying iPod shuffles, anyway? If anything, the new iPod nano should replace all use cases for an iPod shuffle – minus price, which is relatively negligible. I’m not kidding when I ask why anyone is using them, folks. Take a good look at all of the new iPod models, and tell me WHY someone would feel the need to buy this particular device.

Sure, they’re only about fifty bucks. And yes, they come in several cute colors. Whoa… you can even put a couple of songs on one of these babies and clip it to your belt. Oh, wait! You can get it engraved! Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my judgment.


In the age of the touch screen, who would want click controls? The only function I can find on the official Apple Store page beyond playing music is having an annoying pre-recorded voice announce the title or artist of the song you’re listening to… in any of 25 languages.

If you’re going to spend money for a music player, save some extra pennies and choose the nano instead.

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