How to Keep Your Cables Untangled

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I HATE CABLES! I hate the mess they make. I hate seeing them coiling all around the gadgets on my desk. I can’t stand it when they get all tangled together into one huge knot. I picked myself up a new organizer recently for only ten bucks. This little thing is awesome! It keeps everything neat and tidy. The Dotz Cable Wrap even prevents the tangling and knots that can often happen, and accommodates up to three cables at a time.

This little circle gives you a simple way to instantly protect, shorten and store your cords, cables and ear buds. Just wrap the excess lengths of cord inside and snap it shut. It comes with a suction cup to keep it in place and a belt clip to make sure you don’t drop it when walking or jogging. It comes in several different colors so you can be sure to match whatever your style is.

I found a way to get out from under the tangle of cords and cables. What methods do you use? Please – PLEASE – tell me you don’t just leave them lying all around the place.

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