Brian Solis and Community at Gnomedex

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If there was a theme in our Gnomedex schedule, it was that YOU have the power to change the world. No one embodies this ideal more than this year’s keynote speaker Brian Solis.

Brian has been coming to Gnomedex for many years as a paid attendee. He felt that this was the only conference which held value for him. He always walked away with something special. He used this to talk to our audience about what Gnomedex is and was… and what it has meant to him.

“If the elite have TED, the Geeks have Gnomedex.” Gnomedex, to Brian, is the place where community comes together and creates positive change… in ourselves and the world around us. The web defines a whole new era of society. Anyone who doesn’t realize the true power at their fingertips needs to be educated. Every tweet, blog post and podcast is a tool that you can use to help create the change that you desire to see.

We are the last generation to know privacy as it was. Each of us has the opportunity – and obligation – to help educate those around us. Party of the beauty of social media is to earn a response. Isn’t that why you tweet? You want to see what someone has to say about your thoughts. You want to know how the community will embrace them and take them further.

There are studies that show Twitter is making the world a smaller place. Social media is closing the distance. However, the way we communicate and connect is changing drastically.

People talk about how social media is about relationships. Brian reminds us that we don’t exactly send each other birthday cards. We check in with the idea of those we are connected with. We’re grooming an idea of relations over relationships.

Brian is globally recognized as one of most prominent thought leaders in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has influenced the effects of emerging media on the convergence of marketing, communications, and publishing.

He is principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning New Media agency in Silicon Valley, and has led interactive and social programs for Fortune 500 companies, notable celebrities, and Web 2.0 startups. His website is ranked among the top of world’s leading business and marketing online resources.

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