Austin Heap Speaks Out Against Censorship at Gnomedex 10

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If you don’t know who Austin Heap is, then you’re going to want to. He recently appeared on the cover of Newsweek Magazine, where his work in bringing uncensored Internet to the people of Iran was featured. Austin believes in fighting censorship in all forms and works tirelessly around the world to foster change in the way governments, leaders and citizens think about the free exchange of information. He is someone to be admired for the things he’s done, but he’s also one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet.

Austin is the Executive Director of the Censorship Research Center, which works to provide anti-censorship education, outreach, and technologies for free to those who need it most. Their first major project was discussed during this presentation. Haystack seeks to provide access to information and communications to the Iranian people following the restrictions imposed by the Iran government.

The work Austin and his team are doing is nothing short of amazing. Watching this video will open your eyes to the strides being made each and every day against censorship… and will show you how far we still have to go.

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