Netflix Coming to Android

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings claimed earlier this year that the company was not focused on streaming their content to mobile screens. However, the iPad app was launched the same day the device itself was back in April. Since then, Netflix has stated that they are working on a version for the iPhone to be available later this summer

The company hasn’t made any type of announcement regarding plans to bring you an Android app. However, a job listing for an “Android Video Playback Expert” sure seems to put it into black and white, doesn’t it? Android will likely be the next mobile platform to get Netflix streaming.

A Netflix staffer reportedly told Electronista staff members that “With the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.” Every day, we see reports circulating the ‘Net of formerly die-hard iOS (or Windows Mobile) users dropping their long-favorite operating systems in favor of the more “open” Android. I myself even recently admitted in a video that if Android were available for my iPhone that I would likely be using it, as well.

Android users in our community: Are you looking forward to having Netflix on your devices? Will you be subscribing?