DiggMixer for the iPad – The Perfect Way to Control Your News

DiggMixer helps you control the news and stories that you want to see – and hides the ones you don’t. There are even faders included in the app which will control how many stories you’ll see within each topic. This is an unofficial Digg app built with the Digg API.

The app boasts ten features that you won’t find in any other iPad news app:

  • The mixer lets you control how much content is visible in each topic.
  • A trashcan holds old stories so they never reappear (unless you look in the trash).
  • Save stories to your favorites list so you can read them later (even if trashed).
  • Stories are grouped by topic and sorted by popularity.
  • A “More” button can fetch older stories if your list runs low.
  • A timer can automatically fetch the latest stories.
  • All top level comments are visible and sorted by popularity.
  • Dual refresh buttons: one for the feed and one for the visible story/comments.
  • Post comments directly from the app.
  • Vote for comments and watch them move up/down in the list in real time.

Organize your stories into three lists: latest feed, favorites and trash. Stories are sorted by the number of diggs and are grouped by topic. Comments are sorted by popularity. When you vote for comments, they are automatically re-sorted based on the most current popularity.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the normal Digg site, you’re likely going to enjoy this app. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “power of choice.”