What are Your Thoughts on Legal Jailbreaking?

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After the court system in the United States declared that jailbreaking a device is not illegal in and of itself, TechRob asked how we feel about it over on Lockergnome. This is something that is being discussed all over the Internet, even weeks after the ruling was handed down. It opens a whole new set of questions which tech pundits everywhere are trying to determine the answers to.

I realize this has been a gray area until now. However, you can now legally jailbreak any device without fear of reprisals. Apple, of course, still claims you’re going to void your warranty if you jailbreak your iPhone. However, this leaves the door open for entrepreneurial interests. This was the right move, in my mind. It’s YOUR device, right? You should be able to run it on any network you choose.

I’m going to bet that within a year’s time, Google will develop a version of Android specifically for the iPhone. It will be made so that you can choose to boot your iPhone into either iOS 4 or Android. It’s sort of like what you do with Boot Camp on a Mac, right? Google has a huge opportunity here. It’s legal to jailbreak a device even if Apple will continue to complain about voiding the warranty. For those of you who don’t really care about that, having an easy way to run Android on the iPhone is going to be a huge difference.

It has to be your choice. Do you care if you void the warranty on your mobile device? Is it more important to you to be able to have the choice of carriers – and operating systems? At this point, I won’t be jailbreaking anything. However, if there were a solid Android operating system available – backed by Google themselves – I would seriously consider doing so. Would you?

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