How to Copy a URL from a Browser to a Mobile Device

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There are many different ways that you can copy a URL from a browser on your desktop (or laptop!) onto your mobile device. I’ve tried several of them, and finally have found what I feel is the easiest method of all. Google Chrome has an extension called “QR Relay” which is free to use. It will create a QR code from any web page which you can then scan into your phone using a corresponding application. On the iPhone, I happen to use quiQR.

Once the QR Relay extension is installed, you’ll notice a small button on the right side of your web pages. Click that whenever you need to copy a browser URL to place on your phone. A QR code box will automatically be generated. Once it is, I open the quiQR app on my iPhone and hold it still with the camera pointing at the new QR code on the webpage. It scans it in fairly quickly, and opens up the URL in question. Pretty awesome, eh?

There’s more than one reason I chose to use this exact app on my iPhone. I can create a QR code from pretty much anything – including a text message or block of text. For instance, I could place my shipping address and business phone number into a QR code. This way, should my phone ever be lost the QR code could be scanned to reveal the place to send the phone back to. That is, of course, if the person who found my phone cared to make sure it found its way back home.

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