Let CampusBooks Find the Best Prices on College Texts

Attending college is insanely expensive. Add the cost of books to your tuition and you’re likely having panic attacks on a regular basis. Lawmakers sympathize with you and have created a new law (effective July, 2010) that will help you save money when buying all of the texts you need. The law requires colleges to list the course materials (including retail pricing and ISBN numbers) for every class in their online schedule. In order to give you more options, many schools are offering textbook rentals and eBooks instead of traditional hard-cover tomes you have to purchase. However, not all colleges have made this leap as of yet. This is why CampusBooks is going to be a lifesaver for you this semester – and beyond.

You can choose to use the web interface, iPhone app or the Android application to help locate all of your books at the best prices possible. Using CampusBooks, you can compare prices on inventory at local bookstores, college campus bookstores and libraries. Using any iPhone or Android powered device, a student can scan the barcode of a textbook, then use the phone’s geo-location features to find the book’s price and availability at bookstores and libraries in their immediate area.

“Our students want choice, it is that simple,” says Jeff Cohen, CEO of CampusBooks. “By partnering with local bookstores, students are no longer confined to only considering online options. Those who prefer the convenience, easy return policies or need to get their books immediately can now find the best prices at local bookstores and even find out if their textbook can be borrowed from the library for free.”

When you type in a book’s ISBN number, CampusBooks will give you a summary of the lowest prices in each category – including international editions, eBooks, used, new and even rentals. You’ll find the seller information, price and shipping cost. The application will then redirect you to the vendor’s site when you are ready to purchase (or rent). The application (and web interface) is exceedingly easy to navigate – you won’t end up lost in never-never land while looking for that obscure book some English instructor is requiring.

Hey… we all need to save money these days. College students likely need to cut corners more than any other group I can think of. This service (and the apps) is completely free, so why the heck haven’t you tried it out yet?