Flipboard for the iPad – Free!

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The other night my long-time friend Robert Scoble tweeted out a link about his interview with the CEO of the company that created the free Flipboard application. This app is the future of news distribution. It’s a beautiful mashup between social media connections as well as traditional and community sources. This, my friends, is the way I’m going to start navigating information that flows through all of the channels I am most interested in.

Flipboard takes news sources that YOU choose and mashes them together with your Twitter and Facebook feeds. It then provides you with a unique web experience. Maneuvering through the interface is as easy as flipping the page in a printed magazine. Things shared across Facebook are suddenly turned into articles in said magazine, and all of your multimedia is put right in front of your nose when you want it.

Right at the top, it shows me my Twitter lists. If I wanted to, I could add information from the various lists I have built into my Flipboard stream. There are some interesting “picks” that the app suggests for you to check out – which is a fantastic way to discover new types of content.

The only drawback I see thus far is being limited to only nine different sources. Hello! I’m a Geek. I need more information – not less! It was quite late when I recorded this video, so forgive me if I missed something somewhere. There may very well be a way to add more. I simply hadn’t found it as of the recording of this video.

Thanks so much to @scobleizer for sharing information about this app. This is by far the most amazing must-have app I’ve come across in a long time.

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