Darth Vader Robbed a Bank!

Say it ain’t so!! The Empire must be victims of the economy in a very big way. At about 11:30am this morning, Darth Vader robbed a branch of Chase bank on Long Island. He was brandishing a gun… why the hell he didn’t use one of his more awesome weapons, I’ll never figure out. The poor teller had no choice but to turn over an as-yet undisclosed amount of cash before Vader fled the scene.

Eyewitnesses claim that he was wearing a pair of cargo pants underneath his cloak. Seriously? There’s no way he’d wear something such as that. They must need to have their eyes checked. I could see him with some black jeans, perhaps, but cargo pants? No matter what he was wearing, it doesn’t change the fact that I will never look at one of my Vader action figures in quite the same way again.

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