PopScreen Helps You Discover Headline-Making Videos

PopScreen is a whole new way to discover new videos – and to learn the stories behind them. Its mission is to bring you viral videos before they go viral. You don’t want to be the last person in your social circle linking to the newest must-watch clip, do you? Use PopScreen to help you discover what’s hot before anyone else in the group lays eyes on it. The video prediction engine is capable of figuring out which videos will become an online hit before they actually do.

PopScreen looks at videos from more than 10,000 sources, and it’s always looking for more. If you know of a great video resource, you can submit it on its homepage. The service indexes more than fifteen thousand videos every day. They’re then analyzed to collect data points. The data points are processed through a proprietary algorithm in an effort to accurately predict how likely each video is to go viral – and to identify which clips may be newsworthy.

One of the coolest features of this service is its bookmarklet. Drag it into your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. While you’re busy surfing the Web, you can add videos to your personal library on the site (once you’ve signed up for a free account).

You can filter the videos you are shown by checking (or unchecking) categories on the home page. You can choose from Design and Inspiration, Humor and Odd, Movies, Music, News and Politics, Sports, Tech and Science and TV, and Celebrities. Heck, choose them all if you’re feeling froggy! There’s a search bar where you can enter keywords to help narrow down the type of video you’re looking to watch.

Are you using PopScreen yet? What are your thoughts on the service and its ability to magically figure out what you want to watch?