Is There a Better Way to Protect the iPhone Screen?

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I went out yesterday and purchased an AT&T branded screen protector for my iPhone 4. In less than twenty-four hours, it is already smudged and messed up quite a lot. The packaging claims that it is “anti-fingerprint.” You can clearly see in this video (shot with the new Samsung Galaxy S) that there are, indeed, fingerprints everywhere.

I am very careful and particular about my gadgets. I take excellent care of them, and use caution as much as possible. This phone did nothing other than be used in normal fashions, sit in my pocket or charge on the bedside table. Why, then, are there so many obvious scuff marks? That, to me, is just ludicrous.

I don’t recommend wasting your money on this particular screen protection. I’d rather my iPhone go naked than use something like this.

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