How to Share Your Life Online

Have you ever had someone tell you that you shouldn’t have posted something on your Twitter or Facebook account? Were you perplexed by their seeming inability to “get” whatever it was you were trying to say – and why? Community member Mitch Bartlett recently had this experience. He recently lost his Dad after a long battle against Cancer. Mitch chose to post a short message on his Facebook wall. The next morning, his cousin called to yell at him about his choice of posting this information in such a public manner.

There are many people who still view the Internet as some type of toy. They simply aren’t connected in the ways you and I are. We live our lives online. What better way to spread news of a life event or receive support in a time of need than by reaching out to your online community – a part of which often includes your relatives and close personal friends? Why is it “wrong” for us to share every part of our lives with our connections – good OR bad?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that there are some things that should never be shared in a public space online? Or – do you side with Mitch when he says that “the Internet is a tool that enriches your life, no matter the scenario?”

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