How to Recover Lost Items – Stuffbak

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I hope I never lose my digital camera, or the data on it. If only I placed a Stuffbak sticker on it, then perhaps I’ll never have to worry. You can protect any mobile device from permanent loss and placing the sticker onto your gadget so it’s fully visible. If it happens to be lost or stolen after that, the company will offer a reward to help ensure the item’s return.

Confidential ID labels combine with their recovery/return policy to bring your gadgets home to you where they belong. You’ll register your unique sticker with the company via their website. Should your item be found, the person will (hopefully) call the toll-free number on the sticker. Your item will make its way back to you, and you’ll only be charged the shipping and handling fee – if one is even necessary.

The company boasts a hefty 75% return rate, which I’d say is pretty good odds. You can even purchase cases and bags with your unique Stuffbak ID inside of them. Volume discounts are available on the site, which will save you up to about 40% off when buying separately.

Albino Vader wants you to protect your gadgets, gizmos and favorite items. You wouldn’t want to disappoint him, would you?

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