How do You Overcome Burnout?

Being in the computer field is one of the fastest ways to get a ticket on the burnout express. Actually, I have a feeling that being a help-desk person is likely the career that will turn your hair grey the quickest. Burnout can happen to anyone at any time – no matter what career path they choose. IT personnel are highly susceptible to falling prey to this condition due to the long hours they usually tend to keep coupled with the demands placed on their brains. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to computers, especially when it comes to maintaining the computers everyone else is using.

Many IT professionals have also often pointed to a perceived lack of respect and appreciation as one of the things that lead them to question their choice in career paths. The recession has forced them to spend the last 18 months focused on the more tedious aspects of IT management—namely cost-cutting, politics and more cost-cutting, which makes their jobs that much more complicated.

What ways have you found to cope with the stress of computer-related work? How do you avoid burnout?

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