You Had Me at Poop

During my talk with small-business owners in Spokane recently, I managed to capture audience attention with the word poop. I told the story of @poopertrooper – no, that isn’t a typo. This is a Seattle small business whose sole purpose in life is to come to your home once a week and clean up the dog crap in your yard.

This company is on Twitter. They are on YouTube. They’ve figured social media out and use it to build their business. I figure that if they can do it, so can virtually any small business owner on the planet.

Bill Kalivas is the co-founder of LaunchPad INW. He was silent during my little speech about dogs and their doodoo. I admit that I was beginning to worry I had gone off on the wrong tangent. That is, until Bill calmly announced that I had him at the word poop.

Does your small business have a social media success story? I’d love to hear about it! Keep in mind that I’m also available for presentations and talks about technology, communities and social media.