i.CON iPad Screen Protector

After my video review of Newer Technology’s NuVue iPad screen protector, Adrian wrote the following email. He is from Canada, and couldn’t order the same screen protector, unfortunately. The hunt was on! Following is his story, and information about the ICON iPad Screen Protector.

Hi Chris!

I just got the iPad for my Mom and applied the i•con iPad screen protector (matte finish) to it. I had previously watched your video “How to Apply an iPad Screen Protector” where you applied the Newer Technology NuVue screen protector. Being a Mac enthusiast/user (not a fanboy) since the mid 90’s, I was familiar with the company “Newer Technology” and subsequently looked into buying the nuVue (this was two weeks prior to the iPad purchase). Much to my dismay, I found that this particular screen protector is not available in Canada (I live in Canada), and ordering it from Other World Computing was not a viable option when the exchange rate, duty, CDN taxes, and shipping were taken into consideration.

I decided to see what was available locally in Southern Ontario, Canada, and I found only 3 available options: The Invisible Shield by Zagg, the Belkin Screen Protector, and the i•con screen protector. The Invisible Shield has gotten really mixed/poor reviews on various blogs, and at my local electronics stores. The employees have been saying that customers are complaining about it being a waste of $29.95 CDN. Common complaints include many air bubbles, peeling at the sides, and once it is installed it leaves a tacky/some what abrasive feeling to the touch surface when using the iPad. This no doubt ruins the multi-touch experience which is by default smooth to the touch.

The Belkin screen protector retails for $19.99 CDN and is available at The Source. I couldn’t find too much information about the Belkin Screen protector, but it seems to me–after talking to some “The Source” employees–that the overall customer feedback has been positive. The down side to the Belkin that first struck me was that it retails for $19.99 CDN and you only get one.†

I ended up buying the i•con iPad Anti-Glare Screen Protector. It retails for $19.99 CDN at Future Shop, and you get two screen protectors: one matte and one glossy. It also comes with a small cleaning cloth and a soft card for removing air bubbles. I unboxed my Mom’s iPad, put on a pair of latex gloves, and carefully installed the matte screen protector onto the iPad. The process was seamless and was similar to your NuVue installation video. The screen protector looks fantastic; you are only able to tell that it is on by looking at the home button area where you can see the edges of the screen protector (I have included photos of the packaging, contents, and what it looks like on the iPad). It should be noted that this is only a minor shortcoming.

The reason that I’m sending you this letter is because there is very little information/reviews with regard to this great product on the internet/blogs. I managed to find one review and two ratings on the Future Shop website for the i•con screen protector. Both ratings were 5 out of 5, and the review had all positive comments. I can confirm–in my opinion–that these two reviews are accurate. The glare is considerably reduced, and smudging is not an issue at all. It is also relatively thick and seems as though it would provide a significant level of protection against scratching as well. When I was making the decision regarding which of the three screen protectors I should purchase, the lack of information on this particular product made it much more difficult. I kept thinking, and doubting, and second guessing myself: “should I trust these two ratings and one review? What if they are wrong and the product ends up being less than lackluster?” As a smart consumer I want as many opinions as possible before making a decision, and I’m sure that there are other people who feel the same way. My ultimate goal in writing you this letter is to share my experience in the hopes that you might disseminate this knowledge about the i•con screen protector to your community so that we all, as intelligent consumers, can make more informed choices when purchasing.

I think that I should note that this particular product might be of more interest to your Canadian viewers. I’m not certain if i•con has widespread distribution of their products in the USA. As far as I’m able to tell from the website, it is a Canadian company that is based in Stratford, Ontario. Actually on second glance at the information section of the company site it states that the products are available at most major retailers in USA and Canada. I’m not sure if you have had any experience with the i•con product line?

In any case…from my own research it appears that consumers in the USA have many more options regarding accessories for the iPad than we currently do in Canada. With this in mind I would suggest to anybody in Canada or the USA–especially Canada though–that the i•con screen protector is a robust product and well worth the money!

Thanks Chris,


Adrian 🙂

What screen protector are you using on your iPad or other device? Where do you go to find the best reviews and information?