Crackdown 2 on Xbox 360 Review

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Crackdown 2 is about to hit the stores and we were lucky enough to get a review copy early. Community member (and professional DJ) Dan Guru-Meditation Wood was kind enough to play the game for a while and then create a video review for all of us to enjoy.

The story for the game takes place in Pacific City which is filled with infected humans who attempt to kill anything that gets in their way. You alone have to attempt to save the city from certain doom. According to Dan, the disaster is of epic proportions, much like that found in I Am Legend and 28 Days.

Crackdown was one of the original titles released with the Xbox back in 2007. This game takes place some ten years later. The freaks have escaped from the research center they were contained in during the original release. The virus is now starting to spread through the city and affect the general population.

You join the game as the Agency goes back online and is trying to regain control over the city. Your character is one of the first agents who is back on the streets of Pacific City. There’s an interesting three-way power struggle within the game. Not only are you out to kill nearly anything that moves, you also have to dodge those who are after you and your blood.

The more Agility Orbs you collect throughout the game, the more your skill improves. Chasing them around as they fly through the air can be challenging, but the reward is very worth your effort. More kills mean more strength. The game rewards the player for doing things. THe more you do, the more your skill improves.

The game isn’t only about walking around and shooting people. You are trying to regain control of the city, remember? There will be a series of challenges you’ll have to complete.

This game has pretty much everything you could ask for: a great storyline, challenges and skill-ups, racing elements, third-person-shooter elements, awesome weapons and more!

By the way… according to about 80% of the commenters on YouTube, Dan has an amazing voice and should start a Lockergnome radio station. What do you think of that idea?

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