How to Transfer Digital Photos from the iPhone to the iPad

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More Apple help!

You may remember a video I recorded a few months ago to talk about the Bump app for the iPhone. You could use it to bump two phones together and share contact information. Now, I can use Bump on my iPad in order to quickly and easily transfer photos from my phone(s) to my iPad. (Gorgeous, well-behaved dogs NOT included.)

After taking the photos, I just had to launch the Bump application on my iPhone. I chose the photo I wanted and then bumped the phone onto the iPad. The iPad asked me whether or not I wanted to accept the picture. It was saved to the pictures folder. I can do the same thing through the Android version of the app, as well.

The Android app has a couple of features that the iPhone and iPad versions do not. You can use your Android device to send and receive apps, instead of just photos or contact information.

It only takes a few seconds to transfer the photos between devices. Accept no substitutions. It’s easy-peasy… and free. If you don’t already have Bump, I suggest getting it.

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