Does Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime Work?

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One of the features I was anxious to try out with my new iPhone 4 was, of course, FaceTime. I called up my buddy David Banther so that we could see how well it works. The video was crystal-clear, and the audio was crisp. As we talked, we showed off a couple of the cool features and options inside of FaceTime.

You’ll notice right off the bat that I was using landscape mode while David had his phone sitting in portrait orientation. I asked him to change over to landscape – and voila! FaceTime seamlessly adjusted itself to the new view. Once the call begins, the thumbnail of myself (or yourself!) is easy to slide and drag around to a different location on your screen.

David had to pause the call. I could still hear him, but was unable to view the video. That could come in handy if you notice that you have some spinach stuck to your tooth! When I tried to exit out, David could see a “still” photo of me and could still hear me. Another neat little feature is that when the call is complete, it will show up in your call log as a FaceTime call.

One can’t help but to remember Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at WWDC. While he was talking about FaceTime, he happened to mention that “the company intends to work hard to make FaceTime an open industry standard itself.” The graphic above indicates that perhaps there is more to come from Apple in the way of devices capable of running FaceTime. If this application were to truly become open, it could change the way we communicate.

Have you tried FaceTime yet? What was your experience like?

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