The iPhone 4 Will…

…be delivered to my home on launch day:

Sweet! I’m glad I opted to go through Apple directly; word on the street suggests that AT&T is randomly canceling pre-orders. As if this entire situation could get any worse!

You might recall that the initial pre-order day for the iPhone 4 was fraught with problems, both on Apple’s and AT&T’s side.
Took me until 4:30pm to complete my order (after starting around 8:30am that same day). Who knew that over 600,000 people would want to own the iPhone 4 on June 24th – that’s over 10x the amount of users who initially went from the 3G to the 3GS!

I may have even better news for someone in my community who wasn’t able to complete their pre-order last week. Before my delivery order went through, I successfully reserved an in-store pickup (iPhone 4 Black 32GB-USA). Given that I’ll only need one of my iPhone 4s, I’m likely going to wait for one (1) to be dropped off before I head out to the Apple Store to get the second one (2).

And then…? (3)