Robotic Desk Lamp LuminAR Built by College Student

LuminAR was designed by MIT student Natan Linder. A robotic lamp built by another MIT alum back in 2007 (the AUR) was designed to follow movements around a desktop which would allow it to change the color, intensity and focus of its light to keep you organized and productive. Linder’s offering is similar to the AUR in those areas. However, it’s also much more complex.

The LuminAR incorporates a pico projector along with its vision system, allowing much more interaction. The lamp “combines a Pico-projector, camera, and wireless computer
in a compact form factor.”

When you plug the LuminAR into a robotic arm, it will look for an uncluttered spot on your desk to project its images, which come from the tiny pico projector. You can point it wherever else you like, or even program it to open something like email on one side and a website on the other.

One of the coolest features of the LuminAR is the fact that it will recognize many different objects. In the demonstration, a can of Coke was placed under the eye of the device. LuminAR recognized that it was CocaCola and pulled up the webpage immediately.

Something such as this can revolutionize the way we work. You’ll be able to use it to illuminate your life and make your research a whole lot faster.