Share Your Gravatar Public Profile

We’ve been allowing the use of Gravatars here on the blog for quite awhile now. As the little avatars have grown in popularity, so have the services behind them. Back in March, the team at Gravatar announced that we would soon be able to publicly share our aggregated profiles. Today, those public profiles are ready to show off.

As you can see on my Gravatar page, there is a wealth of information you can fill out. Add your contact information and verify your social network accounts. You can even add links to websites that you own or pages that show off your work. The service will then attempt to pull in a thumbnail from that URL. However, this part seems to be a bit sketchy still. I’ve noticed several people’s pages that have broken images where their sites are shown. I have a feeling that will be resolved fairly quickly.

The best part of this service is the fact that you can easily and quickly share as much (or as little) of your information as you wish. If you don’t want everyone and their brother to know your instant messenger IDs, don’t place them there. If you want the Internet to see where to locate you on Twitter but not on Facebook, then only fill in the Twitter area. You can change these at any time with just a couple of clicks in your “Edit Profile” settings.

With the ability to share where you are online, write a short biography and personalize your background, the new public Gravatar pages are sure to be a big hit.